Remote Support

Remote Support via our very own secure in house server.
All activity is logged on the server and via email.
This also sends realtime updates to our iphone.

PCPROTECH Remote Access Support

Instant Remote & Continnual Remote Support Tunbridge Wells

Instant Remote Support:

Simply click the Start Remote Support Button above andwe can connect to your pc instantly and help resolve your problems. The Instant Remote Support will automatically self uninstall once the session has finished.

Continual Remote support:

Additional software will be need to be added to your system at no extra cost, this is solely only to allow access from the PCPROTECH computer engineer and to allow your machine to be taken over securely.

Which remote access support is right for you?

Call us on 01892 614952 To discuss which remote access support would best suit your needs.

PCPROTECH can remotely connect to your system via an Internet connection and deal with most software problems by taking over your machine whilst you sit back and relax. This will save you time getting tricky software problems resolved and without the need of waiting around for the engineer to visit you.

Remote Access Service is charge at:

 £45 per hour - (minimum 1 hour).  

Cutting your onsite hourly costs, however failing to repair the fault remotely the cost of the remote access is then not charged. Therefore requiring an engineer to visit you and the onsite hourly rates are as normal.

Customers must have broadband (ADSL) for this particular service. 

Instant Remote Support
CALL 01892 614952

Once you have inputted your details a technician will be notified that you have connected and if the technician is online they will connect with you momentarily. (Instant Remote Support)

If you have waited in the queue without receiving remote support straight away, your details will still be logged and a technician will contact you when they become available.

PCPROTECH - Remote Access Services.

45 POUNDS PER HOUR - (minimum 1 hour)

**You must have a valid email address to continue**

**You must complete the all fields on next screen "Input your details"**

Payment is due on Receipt -

An invoiced will be sent via email as follows:-

From: PCPROTECH-Computer Support

Email: info@pcprotech.co.uk

Attachment: Inv_***_from_PCPROTECH.pdf (*** being your invoice number)

Subject: Invoice from PCPROTECH

PCPROTECH does not accept any liability to loss of data, corruption, viruses and will assume all data has already been backed up before any work is carried out.


Java is needed to run the remote support session, this may already be installed on your computer. But if not it is free to download

Adobe Reader is need to view the invoice:-

 Inv_***_from_PCPROTECH.pdf (*** being your invoice number)

This will enable you to read all PDF file. This may be already installed on your computer. But if not it is free to download

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